Friday, November 1, 2013

Little Rock Trail

This trail begins across from the Walnut Creek Wetland Center, and connects to the Walnut Creek Trail.  After passing some apartments, houses, and other buildings on the right, the trail turns left and runs between houses on the right and the creek on the left.  Here a low stream outcrop, mostly covered by leaves, is visible of the opposite side of the creek (Photo).
Soon you come to a T intersection; turn right to stay on the trail.  You cross a street, then continue behind some apartment buildings.  Then there is a small bridge with a metal railing that crosses a tributary creek.  There is an outcrop of moss-covered Raleigh gneiss visible in this small creek.  Continuing on, just after the first picnic shelter, there is a much larger outcrop, forming cascades in the creek, visible through the trees to the right (Photo).
A short distance ahead you arrive at trail connection to Chavis Park.  If you go toward the park, the walkway passes over the creek on a bridge.  The rock wall on the sides of the bridge is entirely made of rounded spheroids of diabase (Photo).
These diabase boulders were likely brought in from elsewhere, because there is no diabase indicated near here on the geological map.

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