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  2. Wonderful! Rob Greenberg and I are planning some "family friendly" field trips for our students and this is a terrific resource. Thanks to Skip and yourself for creating it.

    Mary W

  3. Can you tell me where to find the descriptions of the mapped rock units, e.g., CZfut, etc. I do not see a legend on any of the geologic maps indicating what the variously colored units represent!

    1. Sorry for slow reply. The geologic unit descriptions are available on the following two maps:

  4. Just found this site - this is what I was hoping for to help explain geology in the region. One question, noticed a number of large boulders on surface - did not look like outcrops - around at selected spots in southeast Garner - any unusual process to leave this exposed?

  5. They are most likely granite boulders produced by the process of spheroidal weathering. Look at the blog entry about spheroidally weathered diabase (also in Garner) for an explanation of the process. Although they may not look like a "typical" outcrop, these rocks have probably not moved from where they originated.