Using GeoPDF Maps on Mobile Devices

Geopdfs are a new electronic map product that have all the same features of regular pdfs but also have location information as part of the map attributes.  Using the Avenza Maps App, geopdfs of topographic maps, geologic maps, and other maps in geopdf format can be viewed on the iphone/ipad and Android devices. 

The main advantage of using geopdfs on your mobile device is that you do not need a data connection to access the maps.  All of the map data is on the device. 

Important note for ipad and Android Tablet users….the basic model ipad and other tablets do not have a built in GPS.  To be able to use the Avenza App with realtime location data while away from WIFI a device with a GPS chip is needed.

Avenza PDf App for iphone/ipad and Android

Step 1: download the App from

Step 2: Browse around their store and choose “Find Maps Around Me”.  You can get every 7.5-minute topo map for the State for Free.

Step 3:  Add geologic maps.  Under “Maps” choose the “+” sign in the upper

You can add other maps by copying and pasting a URL.

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